Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Trip through the bog

I have a grand time going out for walks. With my GPS I can track my trips. The road is never far away, I don't truly need it for navigation, but it tells me where I have been, how far and how fast my trips.
I did 44 minutes, 1.1 km on snowshoes, through a semi-frozen bog.
Here is my track.

This is what the bog looks like in winter. I popped in some photos of the bog in summer, as the contrast is amazing!

Property markers: 4 cost us nearly $900!

This is water in summer.
Everyone likes to use this path!

This open spot is frozen, but not all of it is solid.

I'm still getting soakers in the middle
if I don't wear my snowshoes!

Salamanders sleep, frog, tadpoles, minnows
all are asleep.
These trees fell over during the drought in August.

The resulting cave is sanctuary for something!

Who is missing?


Linda said...

The photos are a great opportunity to journey through your trails without getting my feet wet or my toes frozen! While I much prefer summertime, I can't say I enjoy the "no-feet" that accompany that particular season. The frogs and salamanders I can handle. Nice work!

EG Wow said...

You have a wonderful place to investigate year-round!

Red said...

This is a super post. You showed your route in a way the completley describes the area around your house. You've talked about this area but I could never envision what it was like. Then you added super photos of winter and summer.
You just upped the bar for the standard of posts you make after this.
Really liked this post.