Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Don't you love rabbits?

It's a long front porch.

They've been out under our bird feeder. They've left their droppings. Fertilizer, I suppose!

I had a great day: workout in the morning, then a long snowshoe in the afternoon.

Noticing what I thought were squirrel tracks, I hadn't thought about it, but I knew they are diurnal, not nocturnal. Their back legs are long and leave a distinct long back leg mark.
red squirrel R.I.P.

Chickadees love this feeder.
Blue jays dominate the big one in the backyard!
We sat in the living room to watch TV in the evening. Hearing a banging on the front window, we looked out. You can see the window in this photo. The steps go up, and the porch goes across.
I thought the noise was one of the cats in the window. Wrong.

Now, I have seen lots of tracks on the porch, but I thought they were squirrel tracks. The back legs are similar: long, paired, with the two wee front paws.

What I found was that a rabbit had hopped up the steps and was looking for food that had dropped from the feeder. I'm not sure why it was banging on the window!

"Let me in! It's cold out here!"
I'd forgotten, but we had a large rabbit in our Toronto backyard when I was a kid!
Sue bunny!
Here I am with my father and brother.
I don't remember the dog at all!

The rabbits are about all the time here in Lanark County.
 I could not catch a good photo out in the dark, but  have lots of photos from summer visits.

I captured this little guy in the long grass,
just before I used the lawn tractor last summer!
Here is the bigger one last summer,
perhaps Momma!
We have motion sensor lights, and spotted the rabbit on its way as it tripped the lights.
I didn't know Labbit knew how to use the stairs! We call them Labbit, in honour of 4-year-old Josephine, who couldn't say |R| last year.

It froze in the flash!
I love walks with my granddaughter.
She is both a princess, and a warrior. She'll dress up, but she'll also go out with me on walks to go find poo!

(Bear, deer, rabbit, raccoon, turkey – we have it all!)
A rabbit was using this at some point.
A natural covering and sanctuary.
This is a photo from the my bog walk.

I managed a video of Labbit  the other day. It is dark, you can see it below. I used the night setting – best I could do.

I love how they poop as they hop along!
Rabbit/squirrel look similar!
Long back legs, with smaller front legs

I tried to brighten the video in iMovie, it didn't work well, but you get the idea!


W. Latane Barton said...

Hi Jenn,
was that you holding the squirrel and the labbit? Braver than I am, for sure. Cute video of your little critters. You must enjoy them a lot. I have a rabbit that I see in my backyard from time to time but I live in town so not much else going on.

Judy said...

Annie's tracks look something like that - she has a three legged gait, too, when she is running.
My grandmother taught me to make rabbit tracks in the snow when I was little - step, step, hop...
Looks like we are in for another big storm this afternoon, so I got all my outdoor stuff out of the way, and can settle down for an indoor day now.

Vagabonde said...

I never had a pet rabbit but think they are cute. Do I love rabbits? Yes indeed, in a wine sauce with mushroom and herbs.

Anonymous said...

I ruv labbits! Or well....I think I'm going to have trouble saying it right from now on!

I really do love bunnies -- wild or tame (years and years ago our boys used to raise them, it was great training...and by the way the droppings do make really good garden fertilizer, but it probably isn't worth gathering up the wild ones "leftovers".

Red said...

There are lots of jack rabbits in my area. they cross the yard almost every day but they don't check the door knob on the house. Carrot peelings are put out for them.