Friday 13 January 2012

Play on (in?) the lake begins! Bless our volunteer firefighters

Mississippi Lake, near Carleton Place,
Lanark County
Yes, not the typical summer play, but the winter play ––on not very solid ice!

I say, women, make your spouses sign their wills before leaving. Now, I know many families engage in these activities, but it would be prudent, with the number of young men who nearly drown, to prepare ahead.

BLess our BBDE volunteer firefighters
EMS crews, make them pay for the rescue. Bless our BBDE volunteer firefighters who have to play around the water, too!

Jan 13, 2012
by Staff
PERTH - Two men were rescued after falling through the ice on Mississippi Lake Thursday night. (Jan. 12, 2012)
And incidents are not limited to Ontario, with a VERY mild fall/winter...‎ - 18 hours ago
    A man whose truck went through the ice on Lake Winnipeg is dealing with severe ... He and friend Jody Saniuk, 51, were taking part in an ice-fishing derby ...

Yes, ice fishing, another risky sport in this era of climate change.
See the open water near the ice hut?!
Then there are the ice fishing huts! Legally, they must be registered.

Ice huts must be registered, MNR says
EMC News –To protect the environment and ensure safety, anglers must register new or previously unregistered ice fishing huts on area lakes, notes the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

The huts are quite a hoot.

A family affair
In this case, the owners ought to be liable for not removing them in good time!
OPP warn against people one the ice near bubblers. These bubble to keep docks free of ice!

This one sunk:

Shack is tip of the iceberg

April 13, 2011 A shack from the ice fishing season was not removed off King’s Bay on Mississippi Lake, close to Scotch Corners in Beckwith Township.

I took a walk in the bog, in spring the water is three feet or about a metre deep. Even THAT is not solid!
My soaker in the bog!
On a recent bog trip, I sunk down into water in the middle.

How people think the lakes are solid is beyond me.

The edges are wet under the trees, the middle is wet underneath. We've had such warm temperatures lately.
I took this just before my soakers!
It looks frozen–but it is not!


Kay said...

I'm always impressed with people who VOLUNTEER to be firefighters. It can be dangerous work. It irritates me when people uncaringly do things that put the firefighters at risk.

Kay L. Davies said...

I agree with my friend Kay in Hawaii. It's bad enough when some people put themselves at risk when they ought to know better, but when they put goodhearted people like volunteer firefighters at risk, it is criminal. Fortunately, there are very few ice-fishing shacks in Hawaii.
I'm still feeling so sad about Sarge, the dog in your sidebar. It's heartbreaking when a pet goes missing.