Monday, 9 January 2012

Hunting camp and tree stands

This is where they sit to hunt on the neighbouring property.
I took a walk as I wanted to see how close they are to us.
A wetland bog separates us, but it is not wide.
The gun fire is very close.

Property surveyed no, no excuse


Kay L. Davies said...

My husband hears gunfire when he's walking the dog, but says it sounds more like shotguns, so we think they're hunting birds rather than deer. I can't imagine what birds, except Canada geese. I'd hate to have gunfire next door.

Red said...

Aren't there laws as as to how close they can be to a residence? Check it out . they may be too close.

Jenn Jilks said...

It is scary, Kay. They hunt ducks at 5 a.m. during THAT season.
There are not, Red. They can do whatever they like, even target shoot on their land.
I've called police before I figured out this man lets them hunt. The police explained.
He also has a trail camera where he puts out food, takes their photos, and makes a calendar of the photos. He walks out there, too. But neither of us know exactly where our property ends/begins.

Jenn Jilks said...

Since this post, we've made friends with the property owner who lets people hunt here. The guns shots still scare me, but now I know he is a person who respects gun laws. With my depression symptoms and panic attacks, I cannot stand the sudden gunfire. We've had the property boundaries marked, as well. Everyone knows where they can and cannot go. It makes it easier.