Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Take a walk on the wet side!

Off we went, me an' my boys, for a walk. It's been raining for days. I love these old trees, as many of my blog readers do. This pine is massive.

The trees spread themselves out. There are few old conifers, since the maples grow and steal their light. That, and the cedars, with shallow roots, fall over. You can see how the pines have shed their needles. The forest is so pretty.

such tree symmetry!

keep up guys!

He is happy to have a fallen log on which to perch.

cat tail?

This tree has grown sideways, leaning on another.

But back to my cat tale...

I told the story about Buster and Felix getting soakers on the wetland. The floating water lily leaves made the pond look like solid land! Last time, the pond was fairly dry from August heat and sun. But the recent rains make it a bit squishy. Buster was walking tenderly on the muck. I tried to tell them that there wouldn't be any prey in the bog they'd only likely find predators. They came when I called and we wandered back to safety.


George said...

Your 'boys' certainly have a grand time when they go on walks to the wetlands with you. I like old trees as well.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Wonderful trees -- I have trouble getting pictures showing their massiveness -- (did I just coin a new word?) you did great!

I don't know how come I've lost track of your blog; I'm putting it on my Google Reader.