Wednesday 14 September 2011

Polls, pollsters and politicians

What will change? What will remain the same? 

For the most part, statistically speaking, most incumbents will remain in their seats.
This is true!
McGuinty and Hudak locked in statistical tie: poll 

Ottawa, population 900,000
I loathe polls! Look at the mess made in the recent Canadian federal election! There are too many variables, and pollsters haven't come up with a way to select a sample population that works. What with the folks without land lines, using only cell phones, they discounted the cast numbers of us Baby Boomers who actually put pedal to the metal and get out and vote. Young people, who may be cynical, or underwhelmed by the election process, have no one to blame but themselves.
He's silent on the relief or the changes...

The media is blaming the Liberal attack ads that purportedly attack the character of Hudak. Do they think women that gullible? Most women I know believe in their fellow human beings.

Tim Hudak faces an uphill battle to win the trust of female voters in Ontario thanks to Liberal attack ads that amount to a “character assassination” of the rookie Progressive Conservative Leader.

Ontario Liberal ads help McGuinty gain ground as race tightens up

Despite Tory lead, survey shows that Dalton McGuinty is the most trusted on health-care, and that he and Tim Hudak rank evenly when respondents asked whom they trust on the economy

The Tories are leading in the polls, according to a new survey by Nanos Research, and Mr. Hudak is virtually tied with Liberal Leader Dalton McGuinty on who would make the best premier of Ontario. But just one in five women surveyed by Nanos described Mr. Hudak as the most trustworthy leader.
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Anyone notice that Hudak says what he is not going to do, and what he will put a stop to, but has no plans on what he will do. 

In my neck of the woods, Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox and Addington, things are pretty crazy. Lots appeared at the recent debate. 

There are elections across this country!

MANITOBA  October 4, 2011
ONTARIO October 6, 2011 
SASKATCHEWAN November 7th, 2011.
YUKON October 11, 2011

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