Wednesday 14 September 2011

Hillier and Hudak, political party rhetoric

Theoretically, in a political campaign, a party present its platform, made of of various planks:
I loathe the communication that says, pick the most important issue of the campaign.
A political party needs to come up with an holistic platform that will support their work in the next four years. It should cover all of the important topics, as a politician is responsible for all constituents, from jobs, the economy, healthcare, looking after newcomers, there are many issues...

Select just one!


Home maintenance & repairs
Hillier, my local (LFLA) MPP, doesn't seem to understand Hydro. I mean, who should pay for hydro? I believe that users have to pay. It is not cheap. When we cannot afford to pay our hydro bills, or maintain our homes, we will have to down-size. We have cashed in some money to pay for a new roof this week. If you cannot maintain your home, you need to make changes. House hunting we saw so many neglected homes. Residents who neglected themselves, too.

An excellent, well-researched article about Hillier's hydro position by Geoff Davies, reporter with Perth Courier, provides balance:

But Hillier needs to get his facts straight, says Bill MacDonald, the local candidate for the Liberal party.
When contacted for comment by The Perth Courier, MacDonald first took issue with the Tory pledge to scrap the HST from energy bills.
“The Liberal government has already removed 10 per cent off the top,” MacDonald said, whereas Ontarians would only see an eight per cent savings if the HST’s provincial portion is removed.

Next, he addressed the “weird math” behind the promise to scrap the debt retirement charge. 
(Read more here: MPP Hillier talks hydro)

Then there is healthcare...I am tired of those claiming the system is 'broken'. Those with a grudge, or an individual incident. Many do not understand healthcare protocols, and rant and rail at the system.

No room for elderly in Ontario hospitals, coalition charges

In Ontario, according to information from the health care workers' coalition, 18,500 hospital beds in Ontario have been closed over the last 15 years. Hurley said workers are concerned that further downsizing, and the movement of services, such as surgery, from smaller community hospitals to regional centres, may be on the way. The members of provincial parliament for Lanark, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington and Leeds-Grenville, Randy Hillier and Steve Clark, have both expressed concern about small-town health services moving to Kingston and Brockville, Hurley said.

There are many elderly in hospital and LTC. We are short beds, and have many ill at home, which is where they want to be. Hudak, provincial Tory leader, claims that we need to 'change'. I fear this.

Well, you can't have it both ways: either you cut taxes, and cut services, or you increase taxes and provide more services.

spring meltwater
The Environment
 - "Dalton McGuinty banned pesticide use across the province.” 

This tweet blames bedbugs on the use of pesticides. As if. The professionals are still using them, but with restrictions, and not in the way we used to use them on private property. Hillier, get your facts straight! 

Especially for those of us living a rural life, we cannot continue to let cows pee in the river, or dump pesticides on the land where we draw our well water. We don't pee in your pool, don't pee on our watershed.

The recent LFLA debate was crazy, with many landowners demanding 'back off government', without understanding the purpose of environmental laws, and protections. Regulations and red tape, the libertarians claim, prevent landowners from making a living. Perhaps, they are saving us from extinction. We don't clear cut anymore. We cannot exploit the land for our own gains, as we are only borrowing the land from our children. These same libertarians decline to pay property taxes (i.e., liberty from government), are against same-sex marriage, etc. (The Tea Party Libertarians in Ontario  
( Ontario Politics 

., please pay your taxes. IC: "satisfied that the financial disclosure form is clear".   )
THIS makes  look foolish!

Thanks to Environment Canada for protecting our wildlife: the flora and fauna that makes Ontario a good place to live. We need to protect those who will exploit wildlife.
Here is one story:
Burns pleaded guilty to depositing bait within 14 days before the first day of the open season for waterfowl and hunting waterfowl within 400 metres of a baited area that has not been free of bait for seven days. He was fined a total of $2,500 for the offences, plus court costs. Burtch pleaded guilty to depositing bait within 14 days before the first day of the open season for waterfowl and knowingly making a false or misleading statement to an officer. He was fined a total of $1,750 for the offences, plus court costs.

Just so you don't think that I back either the Liberals, or any other parties, I don't. McGuinty has instituted some foolhardy schemes: full-day kindergarten. This has resulted in crowded schools, and a lack of proper day care facilities for parents of you children. They confuse full-day school attendance with actual bang-for-the-buck learning. Kids learn by play, in a comfortable environment, in a day care where they are regulated by the school bell, when they can nap if needed. It is expensive putting 3 1/2 and 4 year-olds in school full-time, and truly ridiculous. My daughter thrived in day care, as has her daughter. We need licenced day care providers, not expensive teachers, with an ECE degree, not a one-year-degree and B.Ed., who may or may not understand young children. I taught kindergarten, and know that not all kids need, want or require full-day schooling.

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