Tuesday 20 September 2011

How do they know?

I looked out on our railing and saw a gray spot. A pretty cold frog.

The temperature dipped to 3˚ last night.

Usually they hide under something, like the BBQ cover, overnight. I find the odd bit of tree frog poo here and there in the morning. I can tell they like to hang out on the railings, as the bugs are drawn to our lights shining through the windows.

My little buddies have been a sweet part of my spring and summer.

I captured Englebert singing in the spring, but they have been singing all summer - contrary to some websites, you really have to be careful what you read.

Habitat:These treefrogs may be found on trees and shrubs near permanent water. They prefer mature or second growth woodlands although they may also inhabit orchards. They are rarely seen outside the breeding season.
Now, my regular blog readers know that I've been seeing these lovely wee guys for months. I rarely do NOT see a tree frog, or hear one all season. I've been sadly mourning our wetland and bog that dried up in summer heat. They cry in the forest, doing a frog song for rain.

I see a tree frog almost every day, at least every time I try to BBQ, and hear them all the time!

My wee tree frog friends (Hyla versicolor) little gray beasties (or green, depending!) must bury themselves soon under leaves. Unlike frogs, they don't bury themselves in mud. I will be so sad to see them go, or rather, not see them.

The bright yellow flag on their upper thigh is amazing. They tolerate me, as I handle them and try to move them away from kittens, or an about to be lit BBQ.

I was taking a photo with my left hand, while holding him in my right. He was most cooperative!

So long, tree frogs. I will miss you. Fall approaches, and time to sleep. The dead, dry leaves are falling off the branches. I know snow will fall before you know it. I adore each season and the gifts change brings.

camera shy, he kept turning away from me!


Red said...

Excellent photos. We need to know much more about frogs as do do much in the survival of the ecosystem.
Thanks for making the info interseting.

Cloudia said...

what fun, Jenn :)

Warm Aloha from Waikiki;

Comfort Spiral

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Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, yes, I'm sure you'll miss them.
I had no idea they were so small. Seeing him on your hand like this really puts them into perspective.
Great one-handed shots, Jenn!
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Gill - That British Woman said...

icky, icky, icky, I am terrified of frogs, slimy little things......off I go shuddering all the way...LOL