Thursday 25 August 2011

Wetland, frogs, salamander, wet kittens

Thank goodness we had rain overnight Saturday, as well as the big dump over night last night. We haven't had significant rain in weeks. Brief showers, but not enough to fill the frog pond. Tree frogs croak on the branches, in vain, since there is nowhere to lay eggs. This guy sits in our mailbox waiting for night when he can find a meal.

The leopard frogs sit in the dewy grass until the twins scare them onto the gravel. The pond is a great place for the twins. They do not realize, however, that the lily leaves cover the water.
The bog is getting shallow as August heat causes them to evaporate.

We have been in the forest grabbing rocks for the garden.

I found a salamander.
Blue-spotted Salamander 
(Ambystoma laterale)

Buster helped me! I buried it under the leaves, convinced Buster to take off, and we moved away.

Such fun in the wetland. Buster took a flying leap for feline kind. 

Buster looked like a drowned black rat!


Kay L. Davies said...

What fun here, Jenn!
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

The Retired One said...

Lovin' those critter shots!

George said...

It looks as if the kittens enjoyed their adventure in the swamp, even if Buster did get more water than he bargained for.
We could sure use some rain down here.

judy in ky said...

Hi Jenn! It looks like I will have fun exploring here. I like your nature pics and Buster.

judy in ky said...

I have a little black cat named Munchkin, who looks a lot like Buster!

Susannah Anderson said...

Such fun! I love that you talk to the salamander you found, and end up apologizing for disturbing him. I do that, too.