Wednesday 24 August 2011

Algonquin College Students in Perth

Hard work!

I applied to teach in the new Early Childhood Education (ECE) program in Perth. Not even an interview. So sad. With a BA in ECE, B.Ed., M.Ed. in curriculum, and 25 years teaching special needs students, you'd think I'd get an interview at least!

That said, my work life is over. I am content to volunteer and pay it forward.
I believe in these apprentice programs. This is where the jobs are. No one in Ontario needs complain about not having work. These are training programs that lead to real jobs.

Looking for a Career in the Trades That Will Take You Far? The Perth Campus Specialty Trades Programs can help put you above the competition. Heritage Masonry, Heritage Carpentry and Advanced Housing are all exciting options to take your skills to the next level. Read the attached PDF for more information.

 Those at Algonquin College were hammering away, and filling and repairing the cracks. Amazing buildings in Perth! It dates back to 1816. I'm feeling somewhat old and cracked myself!



Kay L. Davies said...

You're right, these are trades that will never die. My trade is all but dead (I was a newspaper compositor) but plastering and mortaring and repairing old buildings will always be necessary.
When I was a very small child, I was so proud of my Grandpa Davies who taught plastering and stuccoing to prisoners at the BC Pen. If they were very good at it, and were nice people, he'd help find jobs for them when they "graduated" and Grandma would invite them for meals until they got settled. Talk about paying it forward. They would never have heard the phrase, but my grandparents were doing it.
I'm sorry you didn't get that job interview. It is a big blow to one's professional ego, I know, but I'm glad you are happily volunteering.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Red said...

As a retired teacher, I have great sympathy for those who have the skills and ability and do not get hired. I had many student teachers and was happy when they were hired and was very sad when they had rejection after rejection. I lived in a different age when jobs were a dime a dozen. I was fortunate.

Jenn Jilks said...

Wonderful story, Kay L.!
Red, those were the days when, if you wore pants, you were hired as principal!
These days schools are having lower enrollment. Hard to get work.