Thursday 11 August 2011

Westport has the Blues

Rick Fines and Suzie Vinnick to be specific.
Ya sang the blues so ya don't got the blues no more!

We went to The Cove Inn to see the show.

A grand time. I made a video of my photos. Just a hubby now, I used to teach my elementary students how to do this!

Yes, we rented a room!

The Cove Inn

This is the type of vacation we like: only a day away from home.
The cats don't get too nervous, and we don't spend the family fortune. There goes their inheritance... as we always say.

Fajita buffet for dinner

Great signage!

Toni D and Suzie, 2000

Beautiful mural!
I worked with Suzie during Blues in the Schools in 2000 (for more of my 2000 photos), at Blossom Park school. We had such fun watching these great intermediate students being enthralled in the Roots of Blues music.

Suzie and Rick, and the other folks who worked with Bluesfest's BITS, did a great job introducing my kids to music and rhythm.

The kids created art for Bluesfest 2000
~back when Bluesfest had blues music!


W.C.Camp said...

Whoa Jenn, never knew you were a Blues fan! That's great you got out to see the show. I love that sign about the smoking! W.C.C.

Kay said...

That's exactly what we tell our kids about their inheritance. They tell us to go ahead. :-)