Sunday, 21 August 2011

Caterpillar on milkweed

I found this little one in the backyard. Some are saying that monarch populations are down, cool summer in the US, decimation in 2003. But since farmers are destroying the milkweed, which is central to their life cycle, it is no wonder.

I am doing my part. We do not cut grass/weeds on portions of our property.

The first photos date Aug. 11, the one with both caterpillar and butterfly are from August, 2009.

I went back to the same milkweed plant, 8 days later. The caterpillar is on the same milkweed plant, happily munching, and sharing the plant with a slug and a red beetle. It's eyes are gone, at least changed. I am fascinated.


Netty said...

I keep a patch of Milkweed on one side of my property just for the Mondarch's. I love to watch them grow!

Red said...

Cool photos. Thanks for taking the time to tell the story of the Monarch.