Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Trip through the country

straight rows
everything greening up
Farmers feed cities, all they are all busy in S.E. Ontario! Even landscaping companies. Soon it will be time for veggie gardens. I must get busy...
busy spot

major silos

Handy things
wind was blowing
Hubbies family farm, 1950s 

The old home and buildings are gone

 We drove by Hubbies family farm, 1950s - this is where the house sat, now a pond. At the time, no electricity, plumbing...-they moved into town when he was ten years old (1959). He wrote a guest post awhile back, about life on the farm. Here is a snippet:
One day, I went into town with my grandfather on the buggy. Even in the 50's a buggy in town would draw a crowd. Anyway, my grandfather left me in the buggy while he visited his brother at the mill. The horse got bored or hungry, at any rate, to my embarrassment, he continued the journey around town, with me and buggy in tow, despite my best efforts at whoo. The town itself was a village of 600 or so then, I think.

Read more here: Hubbies family farm

We visited the family gravesite, the town cenotaph, as well as the church where he was an altar boy!


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

HOw fun to read old family stories like that and fun for you to get acquainted with the history of your new home that way.

EG CameraGirl said...

Farming was hard then and still hard now. So much is dependent on the weather!