Monday, 9 May 2011

Izzy's first birthday

What fun!
I decided that the Muffin Muncher should come with us. Rather like Sir John's trip of last year! Kids love puppets.

Here is Muffin holding some of the presents. I strapped him in. He was made by a wonderful puppeteer in Muskoka. We found him on one of those Arts Tour weekends, set in the woods, a whole barn devoted to creating her creatures.

The cheese tray, from Foodsmith's, Muffin guarded carefully.

Caitlin had made a pink cake for the wee girl. We love pink. With two girls, one a curly blond, and the other a red-head, they are a delightful family.
What I love is balancing both the pink, girly things, with the 2n hand toy tractor we bought her sister.

These girls have the whole world ahead of them. Jofee, age 3, works her Mom's iPhone as well as my iMovie computer features. Her fave is stil 'Jesse in Lake!' (Jess decided to do an Easter Bunny/Polar Bear swim last year!)

Meantime, we munched, cheese, crackers, fruit, veggies.

The kids played and had a good time!
Izzy Skyped with Grandpa in FLorida. She hung up on him, too! How do they zone in on just the right button?!

Hubby bought her the bib at the OPP museum in Orillia. It was a year ago, when we were house hunting to move closer! I'd just given a speech at the Palliative Care Conference, and then we headed back to the Ottawa Valley to house hunt.


Rocking baby to sleep!
Isn't she precious, caring for 'baby'!

 Papa goes on the iPhone to reconnect with Grandpa! Izzy wears one of the gifts, a baby hoodie, Grandpa sent and she opened while Skyping!

Papa, ever the high-tech geek, is on his landline, while also on his iPhone!

What I love about birthdays, is how EVERYONE gets excited! Jofee loves all of her sister's pressies!

She's not sure what to make of the cake!

Why is Mummy using Gamma's camera?!

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