Tuesday 3 May 2011

Flights of fancy

After a startling election result, I am back to birding. It has been a dark, rainy few days. Not good for photos!
Vultures circle

what a cutie

lovely song!

Wouldn't stay still!

Fly-by shooting!

Guess what is landing?


flycatcher, phoebe?
White throated sparrow
Thanks, Red, for pointing it out!


Red said...

Ah ha! Your warbler? is a white throated sparrow.
Enjoyed your bird pictures.

Barrie said...

I listened to election commentary on the CBC on satellite radio. Crazy times.

Kay said...

I'm so amazed you were able to capture all those birds, especially the woodpecker in flight. Wow!

Jenn Jilks said...

@Red, thanks for the confirmation. I've just spent the last day working on a newsletter for my volunteer group. I knew SOMEBODY would know!
@Barrie, yes, crazy times. Cannot believe it!
@Kay, I am still working on my reflexes. Just cannot focus quickly enough! But they are evidence... :-)