Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Moose are in season!

This being the season for capturing moose in photos, I feature these photos.

It was last year that we took some trips through our incredible Algonquin Park to hunt for moose, in between helping the children with the new baby.

I am against those hunting for sport, illegal in the park.

Many use moose to supplement family nutrition. This makes sense.

Cottage season is about to begin. The citiots will soon return to the open waters of our fair province.

For more information, a blog friend sent me data.

The election, with the Conservative Party of Canada rising to a majority, and the New Democratic Party now being the official opposition, I wonder what will happen to our Canada.

I respect that families are as diverse as the population of our country.
I value cities and rural areas. This makes Canada interesting.

I value our farmers, but wonder about the right to bear arms, clear cut the land, or run cows by rivers. We must value farmland, water ways and forests.

My first moose sighting, May 7, 2010, a year ago. It was the day my daughter phoned us in the morning, celebrating our 2nd granddaughter's birth! We left the house around 7 a.m., and hightailed it to see them.


Travis Erwin said...

I'd love to go moose hunting, but I am an advocate of never shooting anything unless I plan to eat it. I've heard moose meat is very tasty and tender more so than elk and I do love a good cut of meat.

Olga said...

We have seen moose wander through in the spring and we have seen them where we camp in summer. They are really something to get a glimpse of in the wild. As for eating, I prefer my mousse with chocolate flavoring and a dip of whipped cream.

cheryl said...

I remeber a couple of years ago this lovely young female wandering around town. I have a few photos of her munching in the creek. Twas a site when the MNR came to "relocate" her. A proverbial round up at the O Tay Corral.

Rob said...

Great pics Jenn, there is no animal as eye-catching, or as majestic as a moose. Here in Nova Scotia we pretty much only have moose on Cape Breton island. There they have become so prolific that if they weren't hunted, they would eat themselves out of house and home. Most of the moose that were on the mainland of Nova Scotia have died off because of a disease carried by whitetail deer. It kills moose, but not deer. Nowadays a moose anywhere in Nova Scotia except Cape Breton is a rarity, although it does happen.
I enjoyed seeing the pics and the video.