Sunday, 9 January 2011

Morning rituals - deer friends, wolves

Our mornings have settled into a new routine.
Firstly, feeding Doh, Ray, Me.

The feeding is nice entertainment. Yesterday, when I went out, the yearling came to the feeder, while momma was watching me and drooling. I didn't take my camera out, and missed the shot. Great gobs of...well, you get the picture anyway, dripping while she assessed by danger to her and her babe.

Hubby grabs the mail!
Next part is hustling across the highway to fetch the newspaper from the mailbox.

We figure that once we can't run fast enough to escape the cars speeding on the highway, we have to move somewhere else!

She watched me carefully
They paw at the grass buried under the snow
Even the fence bark is chewed
Poor buds - nibbled

One professional photographer, John E. Marriott, has been 

Photographing Banff Wolves II

I am content to go out much after dawn to photograph my deer! I captured a shadow of a wolf last month. I was content with that!
But I must search for some burlap with which to wrap my baby trees! I don't know how the previous owners managed their gardens, plus the 14 deer we've seen at once, but they did. They disappear once the snow disappears, we found this out after last week's melt.  Soon turned up once the snow fell again, seeking our grass and feed.

Wolf in the shadows

Christmas turkey count: 28

Yep! There were 6 turkeys that morning, 28 by the afternoon. I couldn't believe it! Scratching away in the snow for bird seed (0:30). At 1:50, the turkeys stopped, moved into the forest after our 3 deer went scrambling across the gully up the hill. I watched, and spotted a wolf (2:20). I couldn't believe it. All I caught was a shadow of it.


Powell River Books said...

I've always thought wolves were so interesting. We have them in Powell River but I've yet to see one. Our friend John saw one a few years back swimming across the lake. That's a pretty long stretch from shore to shore. - Margy

Judy said...

Jenn, it has been ages since I have visited, so I had a lot to catch up on! I love the video of the turkeys! And the still shots of them, too!! Hope you have a happy 2011!!!

Grandma K said...

I love feeding the deer. G said my house feeder was too close - but we are finding it isn't!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

You live in an amazing place! Not being much of a gardener, I'd be perfectly happy to let the deer eat my plants. (But then my lack of a green thumb is one reason why I'm happy to live in an RV ;>)....

I would love to have that many deer and turkeys to watch and photograph. So glad you found the perfect spot.