Tuesday 28 December 2010

Oh, the weather...

mice, rabbits


We have had some pretty cold temperatures in E. Ontario.

The snow protects the plants from daytime temps that range from 2C., to -13  C. at night.

I love the snow. The animal tracks tell a story about what has been in the forest.

Hawk flew by, all came to attention!
The recent snow on the east coast of the US has had a huge impact on folks. I always imagine those shut-in, those not getting their visits from Home Care, Meals on Wheels. Hubby's football games were cancelled. Then the storm went up the Canadian Maritime coast. They said 40,000 without power for a time. I remember Ice Storm '98, we were 10 days without power. Difficult times for
those ill, or working ERs.

nearly a soaker!
We have a little snow in Perth. The bog is only partially frozen, perhaps a couple of inches thick. I had to watch my step. This is my footprint filled with aromatic bog water!
turkeys spooked the deer

It was December 11/12, 2009 that Muskoka had massive Lake Effect snow, with 60 - 160 cm east of Georgian Bay. Days to dig out. Nothing moved for that week!

Below is a time lapse video of the storm by a pro. Rather cool!

December 2010 Blizzard Timelapse from Michael Black on Vimeo.


Pearl said...

Even after the ridiculous amount of snow we've gotten here in Mpls, I still love seeing it. That timelapse is fantastic. :-) Watched it twice.


Gill - That British Woman said...

I saw that video on the news it was really neat, although it would suck having the shovel all that snow!!


Jenn Jilks said...

Shovelling, just have to take your time. And being retired helps!

I have a time lapse camera, Pearl. I oughtta use it. Too bad we didn't have the snow!

Mary said...

Wow...I love seeing the turkey and the deer in your photos. Snow can be pretty, but like you say, it is a real hardship for the old and the sick especially when power is lost. I'm really glad that I live where the amounts of snow are usually only in inches. We have had some awful ice storms in past years. You just never know what to expect from nature!

Rusty said...

The timelapse is terrific. But digging out is no fun. But I guess thats winter in Canada. (Grin). ATB!