Wednesday, 1 December 2010

A Simple Case of Suicide

By Laura J. Kendall

I stumbled, through Twitter and my interest in safety and medical issues, into an interesting book. I have not read it, but, written by a woman, and a paramedic, it intrigued me. It is on my list. It has been reviewed by a professional paramedic, Greg Friese.

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Elearning designer, writer, podcaster, blogger, presenter and paramedic, Greg Friese. He writes To relax I run and bike as far and as fast as I can. Also like to read a lot and fast.

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Greg is a mover and shaker in the paramedic world. He publishes information for emergency responders and he is a trainer. He helps EMRs digest both the medical and the practical aspects of their work. He also puts Medical Author interviews on the web and iTunes. I cannot assess the content of this book, but he can, and he finds it accurate and compelling. 

The title of the book is A Simple Case of Suicide, by Laura Kendall. Laura is an experienced (25-year+) paramedic and a leader and trainer. I enjoy reading books by front line workers!

You can listen to Greg's interview, where he writes, "Writing both books has given Laura more pride in being a paramedic. She believes we are really good people and that we do a great job that deserves recognition. We finish the conversation with Laura's advice for aspiring writers. Her most important advice was to 'go with your heart and believe in yourself. Write the full story and then use an editor to make it polished.' " To listen click here.

Greg's review (parts used with permission):
A Simple Case of Suicide is the first book from veteran paramedic Laura Kendall. I describe the book as a mystery/romantic thriller. The heroine of the story, paramedic Kendall Rose, finds herself caught in a suspenseful criminal plot when she goes too far to investigate a drug overdose that has been ruled a simple case of suicide. Her pursuit of the truth exposes her to dangers unlike any she has experience during her career as a paramedic.

Kendall’s strength and experience as a paramedic reminds me of many of the strong and talented female paramedics I have had the honor to work with. Knowing several women similar to the character Kendall made some of the more violent aspects of the book a little too real as I imagined people I know and like being caught in a dangerous situation.

Kendall is assisted by a cast of talented medics and police officers. The author draws on her own career experiences to create characters that are competent, compassionate, and compelling. I always appreciate books that honor the work of EMS professionals

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David Cranmer said...

When I was working as a MP I always had great respect for our medics. Tough job they do brilliantly.

And glad to see this books sheds some light on paramedics.

Thanks for the review.

Ellen Booraem said...

This sounds like a real winner, particularly since the author has real experience to inform her fiction. Thanks for letting me know about it.

Sarah Laurence said...

It was interesting to have a paramedic's view on this. I can see why you want to read it.

Barrie said...

Very interesting! I bet the book sounds very authentic. Imagine the details you could insert as a practising paramedic! thanks, Jenn!

Sarahlynn said...

As a former EMT, this topic draws my interest, too!

Laura Kendall said...

Hi! I am the author of A Simple Case of Suicide. Thank you so much for reviewing it and sharing it with your readers! You Rock!!
Have a fantastic day!
Laura Kendall, MICP.