Monday 11 October 2010

Our Thanksgiving dinner @ The Shipwreck

We decided to go out to The Shipwreck for dinner. Blues music, great food, 5km down the road. What's not to love?!
No, no real shipwreck, but delicious scenery.

The sunset was pretty.

This was the major transportation route between Brockville and parts north.

It was called Oliver's Landing in those days (1816 - 1862), as a character named John Oliver used to ferry people across. Rumour was that he was a murderer, but this is a myth! He wasn't a very nice man. Nor was his son...

Personality issues seem to have been passed to John Oliver’s son William, who took up the reins of the ferry business. William seemed to have been almost universally disliked. He had many disagreements with his neighbours, which often turned violent. He made “attempts” on the wife of William McLean from across the river. On July 19 1842 his violent nature caught up with him when cattle from a neighbour, the Toomys, trespassed onto Oliver’s property. Oliver confronted the two Toomy brothers in a rage and struck one of them. The Perth Courier in its July 26, 1842 edition reported that the Toomys retreated to their home and that Oliver followed them there. One of the Toomys got a loaded gun and told Oliver to get back. As Oliver tried to wrestle the gun from Toomy, the gun discharged, shooting Oliver through the heart. He was killed instantly.

[From: Skeletons Under the Floor – the story of Oliver’s Ferry
as adapted by Ken Watson from various sources]

I love this area. The buildings are so old.
Town Registry 1872

Tay canal in 1840. Tay River runs through Perth

But, back to our Thanksgiving dinner!
A lovely setting, and great music.

I had fun snapping shots of The Nightcrawlers between courses. As the sun set the photos became more interesting and the restaurant filled up.

I spoke to the band's personal assistant, Janet Boyes. We were the only two tables actually clapping. It was a shame. I think people take music for granted.

Being a musician, like any artist's life, is not an easy one, especially in this economic climate.

I took a video, paired it with some of their music! A delightful evening's entertainment.

But what was quite a coincidence was Joe meeting a man who used to work with him many years ago.
Sol & Joe
 He was here with his family visiting their cottage on Big Rideau Lake.

A great location and great food. Nope. No photos of food.

I kept forgetting! I'd done some hard work outdoors, and was famished.

But a lovely cheesy escargot, spinach salad and a pasta/scallop dish, and I rolled on home.


Travis Erwin said...

Where is this place exactly? Let me know and I'll add a link for MTM.

Jenn Jilks said...

We're living in Eastern Ontario, Travis. Rideau Ferry, Ontario.

Red said...

You like blues Jenn? Awesome music! I like Saturday Night Blues on CBC 9:00PM Sat nights right after Vinyl Tap with Randy Bachman.

Travis Erwin said...

Got you linked up. Sorry it took so long I left for my weekly crit group meeting.