Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Questions for municipal candidates

It is very important to differentiate between municipal, provincial and federal political issues.
Visit my PPT based on the fantastic kid's book, Canada Votes.

Infrastructure is very important to residents, business owners, visitors and tourists. Of all the elections, this is the most important and directly affects individuals.

The individual towns are looking at fire and first responders, parks,  arenas, trails, cemeteries, zoning by-laws, building permits and inspections, libraries, by-law enforcement and public docks.
The following six Area Municipalities comprise the lower tier in Muskoka: Huntsville, Bracebridge, Georgian Bay, Muskoka Lakes, Lake of Bays, Gravenhurst, 

A good leader balances all stakeholders needs, does your record show that you listen to all in your electorate?

What do you think is the most important issue of concern to residents; the disabled, seniors, tourists; business owners? Whose needs should come first?

Which are the most important decisions in the next four years in this region?

How do you balance environmental issues with the needs of a region to help its citizens to earn a living?

The township will face some crucial decisions in the next four years. How can you assure us that you are capable of providing the leadership required?

 What values would you bring to council that you would not compromise and for which you would be willing to be held accountable?
 The myth of Muskoka abounds. What does social responsibility mean to you as an elected  councilor? How important are the less fortunate in this riding? 
 How would you improve integrity in our municipal government?
Do you think that environmental sustainability conflicts with economic sustainability in this township?

Are you aware of Muskoka's housing issues?
 When the interests of big development projects compete with the interests of local residents, to whom do you give the most weight to in the decision-making process?


SandyCarlson said...

That's a tough question. Because, as we well know, yahoos can grab the microphone at any level. I think the most weight goes to the clearest thinker.

Powell River Books said...

One thing I love about living in a small town is getting more involved. When we lived in the city it seemed our voice was too small to be heard. Here in Powell River there are so many ways to get involved if you take the time and interest. - Margy

Susan Pryke said...

As always Jenn, you have summed up the issues well. I like your questions for mayoralty candidates. Let's hope that electors think as broadly as you do when they consider the slate of candidates in October.
Susan Pryke