Thursday 5 August 2010

On the road again...

Not really, but I have some fun photos I want to share. What a busy time driving across our province.
On our big drive across south eastern Ontario and back, I had fun spotting great vehicles and means of transportation. We covered so many kilometres, that it kept me busy.

There are a lot of vacationers on the roads. All hell bent on getting here or there. In a hurry!

We were driving south along Rama Road, enjoying the fact that the traffic was headed north and we were headed south. The cars were fun to watch.

I recall George Carlin's monologue on 'STUFF', how you go somewhere and you take your stuff, some stuff, not all your stuff.

When you take a bus or plane, you have carry-on. (At least that is the theory - some passengers take EVERYTHING on!)

When you travel by car you are less limited.

When you travel in a camper there are creative ways to bring your STUFF.
Don't you love it?

Bring mini transportation. What a great idea! Better than bikes for the adults.

But, then, there are others who have to bring a trailer. This person was going a long distance.

Apparently, Mexico-US-Canada. It is the Cole Choken Cancer Run. We spotted him in Kaladar, on July 17.
I'd never heard of him. I wish him well.
I still believe that I can do more by volunteering in person, sitting with someone, or driving them to appointments, than by raising money for such a cause.

I know where my time and energy goes: directly to a human being. There is so much to having direct services.

That is my preferences, especially with the Pink Ribbon, Inc. machine that has hijacked the cancer cause.

Choken provides on his website: "interviews with victims, survivors and current battlers."<

Not all my Hospice clients see themselves as victims. They see themselves as people who need someone. And we get so much back from helping another person.
But, back to my travels...

 Not all people can pack succinctly.
Perhaps, many cannot park succinctly! Not with this little hanger-on.
I loved the sight of this camper. Little car hanging on behind.
If you look closely, you can read the bumper sticker! 'Be patient with me. I'm pushing a big motorhome.'


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Stuff is just stuff. The less you take with you the better is my motto.

W.C.Camp said...

My wife pilots small planes for fun. When we travel in those, there is barely room for me much less "Stuff". Given your pictoral - do you think I'M ACTUALLY THE STUFF ???

Loved the bumper sticker, I wish I had thought of it and the guy with the little mini-bike on his caravan - I still think a pair of bikes is MORE in the spirit of a vacation and adventure. Great post. W.C.C.

Carolyn said...

Fun post Jenn! Travel safe and have a great weekend.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Well, we used to pull a big 5th-Wheel everywhere Jenn -- but it was our house -- our only house -- and we got to see a lot of "stuff" (not the kind you pack). Now we're traveling in a tiny camper van and there are definitely some advantages (but also, I actually miss some of my "stuff"!)

The bumper sticker on the car is cute.

Sallie (really on the road again)