Tuesday 3 August 2010

Book Review: Heather Graham mysteries

Well, here it is. The month of July has zipped by. In between house hunting, blogging, taking photos, I have found some quiet moments to read. I prefer to select a female mystery writer and work through her books sequentially. I find most writers adapt and grow with time, and I find it interesting to read them as they mature. Some writers, for example, Nevada Barr, develop a character over time. I like these the best!

But another mystery writer, Heather Graham, has caught my attention. She develops interesting characters, incorporating mystery, murder, and paranormal events, throwing in a cupful of sex, and she entertains me! Currently, I am reading The Death Dealer. Last month I read Unhallowed Ground, and I quite liked it.

I an intrigued by the paranormal. I like this addition to the mystery novel. Sometimes Graham's ghosts are a little unrealistic, or, perhaps, too realistic, for me. According to the works I've read by various Mediums of note, generally the message are much more obscure, and the visions rather ephemeral and diaphanous. For many of us the Universe whispers in our ear, rather than showing us a fully developed, apparently 3-dimensional "I see dead people" type of apparitions. But fiction is a break for me, and this technique adds to the plot, provides some mystery, and is a bit of fun in the night. My experiences assure me that there is more to the Universe than we may know and I find such comforting.

To digress somewhat, and emphasize my point, while selecting my Dad's urn, I think he sent us a Rolo to confirm that it was the right urn. My Mom let me know that a particular painting in the cottage was the right one to take into Dad's new room in his retirement home. I arrived home, after discussing the issue with my brother, and found it knocked off of the wall, tilting precariously!

Back to Ms. Graham -  her books have some intriguing mysteries, just right for me right now. It's a nice sized paperback for travel, and a nice light mystery for vacation. On the road we popped into a book store, forgive my pet peeve, but I have a hard time figuring which book are sequential or trilogies, and which are stand alone. It would be a good idea for publishers to get their act together. It is important information! Some authors early works I won't touch; some must be read in order.

This book is a good read, with an unexpected (at least for me!) ending, as well as the incorporation of an historical figure, Edgar Allen Poe. Lots of fun.

There is enough sex to satisfy some, a little earlier than the Bodice Rippers I was used to in my early adulthood! The older novels used to wait until the last pages to rip off the bodice, so to speak. These chickies pop into bed with the light of their lives and soulmates by the middle of the book. I'm just sayin'!
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W.C.Camp said...

I have to say - NEVER have I read a book review before with the following phrase " chickies pop into bed with the light of their lives" HA - that's an interesting observation. Keep reading and tell your dad to quit messing with the paintings!! W.C.C.

pattinase (abbott) said...

I love MEDIUM on TV so this looks like a book I'd like too.

Keri Mikulski said...

Love Heather Graham. Thanks for the review.

Lucy said...

I love romance thrillers and this sounds like a good one. Thanks for the review. :o)

By the way, I LOVE your web design!

Sarah Laurence said...

I don't think this would be my type of book but you did a great job describing it.

Anonymous said...

I'm like that with Marcia Muller mysteries - I've read most of them but I must admit, I haven't read all of them. And when it comes to paranormal, I wouldn't say I love all paranormal, but I have certainly been intrigued by light paranormal or certain paranormal situations. Sounds intriguing - I'll have to look into this.

Barrie said...

I have never read a Heather Graham, but am on a bit of a myster roll this summer. (I just finished a Nero Wolfe). So, I should give her a shot. Thanks, Jenn, for reviewing at this busy busy time in your life.