Sunday, 25 July 2010

Road Warriors

Yes, house hunting is difficult.

Our blessed Arnprior motel roommates have gone home. Hydro crews who toil long and hard. It is not an easy life leaving family behind - for both workers and family.

By noon we are all alone in the motel. They are back in the evening, havin' a beer and relaxin'!

They rise early here at the motel, 5 a.m., and have a cigarette outside. They are fun men, using the "F" word as both adjective and adverb, as well as verb and noun.

MEANING: noun: An uncontrollable or obsessive use of obscene language.   :-)

On the weekend, we have people here with large boats, fishing early, coming home to relax.

We were compelled to substitute a planned trip to England for a tour around S.E. Ontario to house hunt.

In between staying in Perth and Arnprior, we were a few days in Kemptville.

In a spirit of decadence part way along the way, we found a B and B in Kemptville called Nestle Down. A delightful couple.

Ellen and Al Miller just happen to know our adult children. Al worked with my daughter's mother-in-law (Statscan) and both son-in-law and Al are involved in the Green Party. What a small world.

French toast for brekkie

She is a delightful woman, too. Ellen declared that if she was to move to a farm she wanted to create a B and B. And she did in spades. The place boasts three rooms, each with a private bathroom and with wireless Internet.

She had them build a pond, as a Gaspe girl, she wanted water of some sort. Her story of their courtship is delightful.

They run on green energy.

They have cows and horses and reap hay from the bounty of the land. I cannot tell you what a gracious host she is - as words fail me. I felt as if I had turned up at a sister's home, which Ellen designed, and was welcomed with love, joy and attention.

Each afternoon we regaled her with stories of our trip, and house hunting adventures.

They have animals.

They live on a working farm - retirement for Al? No way! Another retiree helps Al bring in the hay.

Wonderful place to stay.

Massive size farms.
A lovely community.
Great food!

This morning, we had an early breakfast with a delightful server who regaled us with conversation and stories. All along the way we met both grumpy and joyous people. We shall remember those who like their jobs, no matter what it is they do. Caleesta (sp?) really made our day. What a precious young lady!!!!


W.C.Camp said...

Oh my gosh that French Toast looks so good. Now I am ready for breakfast but it is 12 hours away!!! W.C.C.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

You are having beautiful times as you house-hunt! Might as well turn it into an adventure. Nice you got to spend time in that lovely B&B -- it looks wonderful.

Um -- those workers with that disease? I think I've seen (and sadly heard) them South of your border ;>)