Saturday 24 July 2010

House hunting trip #3

Isabelle & Caitlin were happy to see us.
It is a hoot. Such a variety of homes. We have looked in Cardinal, Heckston, Kemptville, Merrickville, Jasper, Perth, Arnprior, Calabogie Hills... Many interesting road names: Burnt Lands Road. Galetta Side Road. Torwood Estates. We popped in to visit Caitlin and do laundry!

We have driven to 25 homes, entered 15 of those, some more than once, looked over the internet at hundreds of houses.

We are getting closer. I cannot go by a For Sale sign without:
1) checking the roof
2) looking for a garage
3) looking for neighbour's proximity
4) scanning for evidence of misuse or neglect.

Such a happy Isabelle. Red hair!!!
It is a curse! You know how you begin to notice cars when you in the market for one? It is driving me insane. Not a long drive, not even a short putt. The homes on the golf course were nice, too, but a but too exposed to golfers and golf balls. Could you see black cat, Oliver, on a golf course? He'd love to visit the sand traps below one property!

But the houses all have stories in them. Ones told by much evidence. A metal roof warped by something, with debris in the eavestrough. Children's toys left behind. Three nooks, each with a dining table and chairs.

Lovely BR house falling apart?
In one, there is obviously a divorce or death, as there is anger in the house. No, I'm not psychic, but the home is missing a woman's touch, beds unmade, things a woman selling a house would notice. Plus, there are 4 or 5 holes in the wall where a kid (?) has punched through his mist of anger. No women's clothes in evidence. I wonder what the story is all about?

Another house, owned by someone with an Asian name, is being rented, but there is no bed, and the house is in disrepair. There is water in the basement, and earwigs swimming around happily in a seemingly empty home. The eaves trough drain is apart, and the water is seeping into the house. This home was a bit scary. There was mold in the furnace room, creeping a couple of feet up the wall. The refrige has a couple of food items in it, but not many, plus an alarm clock. There is no furniture of any kind.

water treatment plant -great house, poison ivy, too
Another, with a horrible roof, must have been housing a couple of families. With 5 bedrooms, and 7 beds. Right there you are talking $4-digits of repair work. They adore horses, with a bathroom devoted to the beast: horse faces on the towels, on the wallpaper, towel racks, and photos everywhere. This one has much love, and this is comforting in that loving animals so, you hope they loved their house.

We looked at homes with poison ivy in the backyard. One sitting on a golf course. One sitting on 215 acres and for another one you drive through a marsh to get to it.

Many seniors are giving up 20+ acres, as the property is too much for them. Beautiful people sitting on 25 acres for 25 years. What a marvellous life; to work and toil in the earth, keeping a garden, house and home in good shape. Beloved horses, chickens and livestock that must be sold. I know the hard time my Dad had giving up his dog...

There are people who have built extensions on old, brick, century farmhouses. So incongruous. One old home had kept the integrity of the building by placing period antiques in this heritage home. Just beautiful. Can't afford it, though. Ah well. We truck on!!!!

What appeals to me most is driving around S.E. Ontario and finding interesting graveyards, or farms happily growing corn, soy beans, flax. Or seeing cows, chicken, horses, ducks, llamas and sheep out grazing together.

The "Back Off Government" signs are a bit intimidating. The rape of the land has been an issue in clear cutting and pollution. We must respect the earth.


EG CameraGirl said...

I'm glad it's you and not me looking for a new home right now. It sounds like so much work and very confusing.

W.C.Camp said...

Wow you guys are doing great!! That is pretty amazing that you are finding so much variety even if it is all not in 'perfect' condition. I guess if you are starting to focus on a couple that you have been in more than once, then that is a good sign that you are finding the 'features' that make you happy. VERY EXCITING.

By the way - the SUNSET picture on the blog is BEAUTIFUL - I love it, though I do miss the little sea plane shot from about a month ago. My wife is a sea-plane pilot. W.C.C.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Love your house stories and grateful you're taking time to share them. I'm not psychic at all but have always felt like houses have vibes. I wouldn't ever buy that angry one!

Your granddaughter is lovely/beautiful hair!

We did our laundry today at our granddaughter's while playing with our great-grandsons. Laundry day is not often that much fun!