Sunday 30 May 2010

SEOs leap on the Muskoka/G8 bandwagon

There are folks out there trying to make a buck by creating a web presence, raising page rankings, and generate web traffic. Muskoka is a beautiful place to live, work and play, many search for accommodation and festival to visit.

Many groups are hijacking the Muskoka name for their own purposes, some even steal local photographer's photos to enhance their information. Unethical, and shameful.

Folks like Nancy Tapley, shown teaching a riding class at her 600-acre resort, is going to find a challenge keeping up with her chickens, horses, clients, and her business during G8, with her needs for many employees.  She is one of the business owners who add to the economy of her town. In keeping her clients and animals happy healthy and fed, she will be challenged to manage the week of June 21st. (I plan a longer post on her later!)

I posted on my non-Muskoka page:

Blogging, SEOs

You'd think that if you had Muskoka in your name, you'd either have lived or cottaged there. Not so.
Some marketing geniuses, and I use the term loosely, have figured out that the word
Muskoka garners a lot of web hits, as GTA- Toronto folks tend to visit Muskoka on the weekends, many from all parts of the world visit us. We can tolerate 100,00 summer guests, and hunker down to winter with 50,000 residents.

One group, 5fish, does integrates web content automatically. Taking bandwidth from legitimate Muskoka companies who advertise, and have created terrific websites, blogs, and twitter updates (like Nancy!). They use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to make a buck off of the Muskoka name and the ubiquitous Google ads. (Do you know anyone who clicks on them?!)

Like the placemat-sized snapping turtle at the side of the road, I watch the (web) traffic in horror!

There doesn't seem to be a person who oversees the 5fish sites (they cover all the small towns in Muskoka), or they wouldn't be including webnews from Bracebridge, UK! I contacted the little weasels, perhaps a year ago, since they were providing a live feed of my blog, without even talking to me about it. Then the site changed as G8 approached.

Currently, 5fish uses their bandwidth to launch their G8 protests. Who knew?  Some of us are hiding in our shells, in denial, hoping to make it through the G8, bringing in groceries, defending territory. This painted turtle, spotted crossing Medora Lake Road, has the right idea.

There is an underground, or cyberground movement, hidden in cyberspace by a shell that purports to markets Muskoka, then exploits our good name, knowing that you have to create web traffic to make money. Some of us are happy to live in Muskoka, and need not look for business, it comes to many by word of mouth. Others vie for bandwidth, trying to market their legitimate businesses. So much for progress!

The beauty of Muskoka is further enhanced by the wireless Internet found at many establishments. I am happy as a clam on a patio, on my computer! This is The Moose Cafe, where life is good!

I simply have fun with my blog; sharing news, photographing, and presenting views of things I see in Muskoka. I want people to know what is going on in Muskoka Lakes. Our economy depends upon our seasonal tourists, as well as residents, contractors, and health, education and service industries. It depends upon the natural beauty of this region as evidenced by its wildlife.
Here are our first ducklings (8!) of the season.


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I hate scabs and parasites. Even my humble little blog has had book, movie, and restaurant reviews lifted and published without attribution or links. I also see that many of the talented photographers who participate in some of the meme's have their work lifted for sale on somebody elses blog.

Jenn Jilks said...

It's criminal, Yogi. If only we could put a personal stamp on the photos, like they do with music and iTunes.

W.C.Camp said...

I understand some of your concern about people using your images uncredited. But I will say, it is sights and images like yours that introduced me to Muskoka. So even though it is frustrating at times, your efforts are generating REAL visitors to your area and Canada. My daughter played violin in Toronto and my family owns land near Batchawana Bay on Lake Superior. I love the nature but frankly it's the cold and the snow that keeps me away except for summer. W.C.C.

Anonymous said...

While I certainly don't agree with the content at 5fish, it's worth noting that when you publish a feed with your blog that it is fair game to be used by others for their own purposes. That's why it's called RSS (Really Simple Syndication)

Just FYI.