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G8 Fencing in Huntsville

You heard it here first, there are some strange people in the world. OK, not the first, but I warned you.

I sent a message to Ted Fish, who runs the 5fish website that uses the Muskoka Lakes regional name, and runs websites of individual towns in our region. I noticed him awhile ago, as he was stealing my blog feed for use on his site. With no credit. That has stopped.

I was given a heads-up by a faithful Muskoka reader and visited the site.
Then I went to, and I was shocked and appalled.

I was mystified about this 'alternative'?
Now, I am not a trail blazer, but I do like to pose questions. OK, answer them, too. But with 54 years experience, three degrees in people, and experience teaching kids from JK to gr. 8, and at uOttawa, and leading workshops in the leading edge of the 'net in web page, blogging, and integrating technology in work and play, I figure I have enough critical thinking skills to provide food for thought.

This all started about a year ago. These guys are building up to this event, and it scares me. We have a democratic right to protest, but we have an obligation to promote that with which we are familiar and spread truths, not rumours, innuendo and lies.

One of my regular blog readers pointed it out to me. She thought a G8 protest group has hacked in. Not true. It is a G8 protester using Muskoka Lakes to promote their cause. Now, if I had the ear of RCMP or CSIS, I would protest this protester! (Hubby commented that I'm already likely on their hit list for taking photos of the fencing—but I was curious as a taxpayer and resident of Muskoka!)

Huntsville residents are pretty creeped out with all the G8 stuff going on. Some plan on hunkering down, and sitting indoors for the week. Their lives are going to be pretty topsy turvy as it is. The photos of the mail boxes, surrounded be fencing pretty much summarizes the whole scene.

Some are going to fear damage to their businesses, others fear having to call a vet, for example, to their farms, but not being able to get them in as the inner and outer perimeters will restrict such access. Business owners are afraid, and want to be in their establishments in order to prevent damage. But if there is an incident, how quickly will the OPP get there, especially with all the barriers?

I was pretty worried with what I spotted on the Internet. I sent a message to the website owner, Ted Fish. I was concerned, as we in Muskoka are not radical, and while the G8 might bring us fame and fortune, we do not want to be associated with radicals. Yes, we are in a democracy, but this is crazy talk.

The message from the founder of this webpage to me reads so:

The ads point to - which provides day to day news on what is transpiring in our world currently.
The events / tragedies / etc / must be exposed ... because you need to know.
Muskoka should be freaked out.  I am a G8 protest group.  I also protest the Bilderbergs, the NWO, chemtrails (where I started), vaccination hoaxes, HAARP, global warming hoaxes. the take down of the Polish Gov't, the blasting of the Deep Horizon oil rig, Palestine Apartheid, Occultism ... I have a huge list - OPEN YOUR EYES - latest news down right side panel.

You won't find the info on main stream news.  They are controlled.

OK. I'm creeped out. Not by his insinuations, but that he is one of the people responsible for our government having to pay $3.9 million in fencing. 'Latest news'? Not sure, as he is not a reputable news source. I don't want nameless, faceless people giving me 'information'.

I think that local councillors, and our Federal MP ought to be giving some thought to checking out this webwork and shutting them down. Fish gives all of us a bad name. In fact, a fishy name.
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