Thursday 4 March 2010

Tricky work amongst Muskoka trees

Firstly, we ordered a tankless water heater. The old hot water tank was leaking. We were taking tepid showers, then cold showers, then I would simply wash my hair in the cold water in the tub. BRRRRRR!!!! (With folks in trouble in the earthquake in Haiti, I cannot complain!)

The new propane, tankless heater arrived. It was installed, with much installation of pipes and uninstallation of the old, rusty tank.  The old one removed and taken to metal heaven. 

From son-in-law, Green Party Candidate:
Jean-Luc Cooke

$315 from the feds, plus $315 from ontario for installing this.
All is good.

Except, our crew found that our propane tanks, which primarily heat our house, had leaks. Toute de suite, Brian phoned Superior Propane at 3 p.m.,  in an hour someone was here. (I was out working with my Hospice Client!)

The new person checked the tanks, yes, a leak, ordered some one in to plow the neighour's driveway and a 1/2 hour later (where the truck was going to work) the driveway was redone.

Paul was brilliant. Firstly, backing the truck down the neighbour's driveway. (It is partly hers, partly the municipality. )  This is our view from our living room window.

This is how you take away a propane tank in Muskoka. 
Next, the arm had to bo through the two trees, swinging a 75% full tank.

Jim arrived, and unhooked the old tanks, unplugged the new hot water tank (I still hadn't had a shower yet!) and Paul picked up the old tank with his hydraulic arm. 
He said it took him awhile, when first hired, to master the fanny pack of buttons.

I tell you. This retirement life is never boring. Here is the first of the new tanks. "Here, catch!"

This was all finished by 9:15 in the morning, as the ground gets pretty mushy as the warm sun heats the land.

I did a workout.

We took the cats for a walk on the lake,

and I had a wonderful, hot shower!

Here is the video of the removal.

This was a delivery of new propane tanks. What a time we've had. No hot water for two weeks, then the old tanks had a leak. Superior was there the next day. Good job, all.


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh my gosh Jenn -- what a morning -- what a long time without hot water! We have an instant hot water tank in the 5th Wheeler (now in Oregon) but not here. And I've been feeling a little whiny about that (hot water all gone in the middle of my shower one day). After reading your post no more complaining (even of the silent kind, which is all I did).
Cool you turned the whole thing into an adventure.

I love your header picture BTW

Deb said...

I'm curious to find out how your tankless water heater performs as we've been considering one.

Jenn Jilks said...

It was an adventure, Sallie. Hubby kept talking about 'manly showers'!
But, since Haiti hit about that time, I couldn't complain at all.

It is great, MyNorth. Ours is, obviously, propane. I carefully considered it. Electric is less efficient. Our water pipes are all above ground - Precambrian rock! In summer the water is warmer. This means heating it is is less propane. There are only two of us, most of the time, in a one-bedroom house. It made sense.

With a Son-in-Law running for the Green Party in Ottawa, they have a a geothermal heating system, we figured it would be good for us.

EG CameraGirl said...

You live in such a lovely area so I'd say the pain was probably worth it. But washing your hair in cold water? EW! ;-)

Judy said...

Jenn, you are having an interesting winter! Just a note about the Algonquin Spring Flower Show - starts March 11, but that is the evening ceremonies. I will try and get there on the Friday, but for sure after work the next week, and then I will post photos! Too bad about the scratch and sniff ...

Friko said...

Hi Jenn,

we too have LPG (Liquid Producer Gas = Propane, I think). We find it very expensive.
The company instals one huge tank and comes and fills it up regularly. They also change the tank every few years, to stop leaks, I think.

Still plenty of snow in your world, I see.

Lastly, you came and then went again on my followers list; anything wrong?

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Jenn: One of the advantages of city life when the natural gas comes by underground pipe. I love your header.

marcia@joyismygoal said...

WOw what a world you live in Kudos to you for being such a survivor