Friday 5 March 2010

Lots going on in Muskoka

 If you like places and open spaces, come see what is happening! The birds are busy, as are the critters.

The pileated woodpecker was bashing away for lunch. I am still working out how to get a good shot.

Part of the issue is the exposure compensation. With critters, like bear, below, on white snow, you can compensate, but I am having a hard time as a panic once I realize I have an opportunity for a great shot. I am doing some research, and practicing on the snow, which hopefully will disappear soon, anyway! You can see my problem in the snowmobile photo at the bottom. It is overexposed.

The woodpecker was on the feeder, throwing seeds down for the squirrel, who STILL haven't figured out the new feeder from Lee Valley Tools!

Here catch, it says, knocks them onto the tray, and flings them down to scatter them for the happy squirrels.

Bear, however, seems quite content watching the world go by.
Some of bear's world includes the snowmobiles...still active.
For tomorrow's Camera Critters, you can see what bear spotted Friday, at noon.

For some, they get bored either snowboarding or skiddooing. This pair (below) tried both at the same time.
Back they came after a few hours on the frozen swamps.

Ontario Games
We have the Ontario Winter Games from March 4 - 7 in Muskoka.

Here is the Ontario Winter Games  Event Calendar! 
Lots to see and do, if you didn't get enough of sports, or if you want to cheer on our young people.

Air Rifle/Air Pistol Curling Hockey - Men's Snowboarding Weightlifting
Alpine Skiing Diving Hockey - Women's Speed Skating Wrestling
Biathlon Figure Skating Indoor Field Hockey Squash
Badminton 5 Pin Bowling Judo Synchronized Swimming
Boxing Freestyle Skiing Kickboxing Table Tennis
Cross Country Skiing Gymnastics Ringette Taekwondo

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