Monday 8 March 2010


I am married to a coffee aficionado. The dear, sweet man has had coffee all around the world, and he knows his stuff. Here he is at the counter...seeking his solace.

Perhaps a better moniker is connoisseur! (Fr. connaisseur, from Middle-French connoistre, then connaître meaning "to be acquainted with" or "to know somebody/something".)

Part of Brian's job involved travel and he has tried coffee everywhere, as only the sleep deprived or jet lagged can understand.We 'went for a drive', but I didn't realize we were going for a drive for the best cappuccino in North America!

Now, Brian, AKA Joseph (another long story!), is in charge of going to the LCBO and buying my wine (he doesn't drink - but he is great at doing errands) and Bill is always trying to convince him to try a new type of wine. I keep giving him an order: my favourite: Masi, in honour of one of my favourite students, an ESL student who fled the war in Afghanistan. (Is that crazy?) Bill is a connoisseur of wine, Brian is not. Poor Brian.

We were looking to buy a cappuccino machine, but realized that they are a bit too expensive, especially if you want one that works, dependably. The one, left, is worth 5-digits!

Now, Oliver's, in Muskoka, has about 5 stores in the towns nearby, and they have 4 cappuccino machines at any one time. Usually one is broken! In looking for a cappuccino at one store in Port Carling, we didn't find one. The machine was loaned from Bala's Oliver's for the previous time we visited and it had gone back to Bala. Sheesh.
In our research we have found that you get what you pay for. The best machines are Italian, and they are closely guarded by those who own them. We found one in Rosseau. Who knew?

At the lovely little building, right, we found heaven for Brian. Beaners Internet Café.
Our favourite Rosseau restaurant has been Crossroads, but if we are looking for a Sunday afternoon coffee, Beaners is the place.

Now, I didn't know how to even spell cappuccino, but figured it out. I like my coffee hot, and brought to me either in the bathroom, if I have an early morning appointment, or at my computer after cats are fed, goldfish fed, and I have a fire going in the wood stove. I am NOT an aficionado, let alone connoisseur.

Beaners opened in September, and on a quiet March Sunday afternoon it was quite busy. We had some wonderful wraps. Aaaahh, worth the drive!

Delightfully appointed, with a comfortable 2nd floor lounge (below), and they have had regular movie nights. What a concept!

Cappuccino - Wikipedia

Cappuccino is an Italian coffee drink prepared with espresso, hot milk, and steamed-milk foam. The name Cappuccino comes from the Capuchin friars, possibly referring to the colour of their habits or to the aspect of their tonsured (white) heads, surrounded by a ring of brown hair.

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Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

We are with Brian (or whatever his name is ;>)!! Coffee is a necessity of life. We're from the Pacific Northwest, where gray skies make the morning latte' (easier to spell than cappuc??!) oh so necessary. Now, here in Florida, we don't find an espresso stand on every corner -- but even though the skies are blue more often, we still love our cup -- we make our own here more often though.

Jenn Jilks said...

Poor Brian, the priest said he had to be Joseph (a saint's name) his mother wanted Brian. When he was giving such good care to my father they thought he was dad's son - the Jilks boy! I like latte, too!!!

Cathy Olliffe-Webster said...

Beaners! I'm SO there, Jenn! Thanks for the tip!

Pearl said...

I'd like a very large cup, please, with a touch of half-and-half and two sugars.



Deb said...

Gotta love that 'Bala Bill' as we call him.

Beaner's Internet Cafe said...

I came across your site and I cannot thank you enough for the pleasant review that you have given Beaner's in Rosseau! Please please know that it is appreciated and the next time you come in.....or anyone who make reference to this site....the coffee...any type of coffee is on me! Alanna @ Beaner's in Rosseau. You made my day!