Saturday 16 January 2010

Round Robin: candlelight

Round Robin Photo Challenge Taken at Red Leaves, during the arts fundraiser.

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And this one from a party!


Carly said...

Hi Jen

My goodness that cake looks yummy! :) The first one reminds me of a lovely holiday card someone sent me a couple years ago. A simple candle in a lamp. Lovely.

One thing hon, please remember to leave me your full information when you play. We need it for the Linking List. I am on a very slow computer and it helps me out more then you could know if I have your full information. Thanks.


ellen b. said...

Hello Jen! Love the candles on that yummy looking cake. The other candle holder is so cool...

Suzanne R said...

Pretty pictures! I like the candle in the jar and all of the birthday candles on the cake. Lovely!

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