Thursday 15 October 2009

Fall colours in Muskoka

Why do leaves change colour?
 (Click on the link for the full Weather Network video!)
It's not that they change colour, but that they go back to their natural orange or yellow colours. They stop creating chlorophyll, which is green as a result of the process.
 Shorter days and cooler temperatures cause the change.
Drought, pollution, or other stress, can cause such changes and stop the leaves from being brilliant.
They turn red with trapped glucose, a sugar.

The cells at the base of the leaf swell, then begin to tear, and the wind rips them off of the trees.

Intellectually, we can understand it, but spiritually, it is a beautiful thing to see.

Overnight, the coons managed to take down the bird feeder, and I only used to worry about the squirrels getting into the feeders!

The subzero night temperatures bring out the raccoons, and the birds are frantically feeding.

The jay is so fast, bum's rush!

I prepared for night by finding a new rock for the new metal can. Inside is a 35 lb. unopened bag of sunflower seeds!

The raccoons, with opposable thumbs, managed to open the storage cupboard the day before.

And I have the photo to prove it!

I guess the rock wasn't big enough.

Hubby imagined Butch working away at it,
"Honest, Rocky, wait'll you see!"

"It just ain't worth it, Butch."

Then, this morning at 5:00 a.m., I heard a loud thump. Donning bathrobe and boots (no photo, sorry!) Butch had managed to take the rock off of the metal storage can again.

"See! Toldjya it was worth it. The Motherlode!"

Then, I turned on the deck light.

"High tail it outta here!" Butch took Rocky's advice and she, too, she disappeared down the tree trunk.

Once the morning sun rose, I refilled the emptied feeders, while Oliver observed the jay on the feeder hook. Another day dawns.

But: only one more sleep until:

Bala Cranberry Festival 2009 

Be sure and visit us! There will be lots to do and see: the trees, leaves,  food, arts and crafts!

For full info, and the official site, click here.

The parking and NO parking signs are up. The Cran Elves are raring to go.

The leaves are still falling, and it will be chilly, bundle up,

but you will find warmth in the people, and exhibitors, in and of Bala, Muskoka, who will host you in this lovely town.

The parking and NO parking signs are up. The Cran Elves are raring to go.

Face painting for the kids, as well as rides.
Park at one end or the other, grab a bus, or walk. There is 'standing room only', as you can see from my 2008 photos!

"Featuring Marsh Tours, Craft Shows, Street Carnivals, Entertainment & Cranberries."


Carol said...

Really nice post Jenn! I too have the coons visiting my back porch looking to get fatter for the winter. I was hoping to get up for Cranberry Festival,but am working this weekend.:(

Jenn Jilks said...

Too bad, Carol. The crowds are daunting, but it gives the city folk a chance to slow down and smell the fresh air!