Thursday, 6 August 2009

So shocking: Bala Falls drowning 2009

Here we are swimming at Bala Falls in 1995. Now, we know it isn't a safe place to swim.

These are now signs of the times.
"Danger - fast water", as well as memorials to a man who died on the train track - drunk, passed out, he didn't hear the train coming.

I am dreading more sirens. Uh oh, I hear them. It is noon and off they go.

Families having a nice picnic at Bala Falls - who now have grief and mourning with which to cope.

The 44-year old father of the 9-year old girl drowned. His brother is on life support in hospital after being revived.

CTV News
CTV News has more information. Update: Aug. 7, last night the uncle of the child rescued passed away.

The water is rushing furiously, although the dam had been closed to permit OPP Rescue to retrieve the bodies of those who drowned downstream on Sunday.
Tourists sit and watch the rescue attempts
Volunteers control traffic.
One is the wife of a volunteer firefighter


Lorac said...

Once again I am saddened to hear of another fatality in Muskoka waters. With all the media now on these falls lets hope that is the end.

Nancy Tapley said...

such sad news, on such happy days.

So many people now live so separated from Nature, insulated by our technology, and view the great outdoors akin to an amusement park. The terrible power and force that Nature can unleash is stunning, even when it may look benign. We're dealing up here with a lady who insists on feeding bears on her lawn, because she likes to look at them. I've seen a bear take apart a BMW... so strong, and so much potential to be dangerous. We all need to be more Nature Aware -- respect, and love it, but understand it, too...

so sorry for these families. Life should have more margin for error...