Sunday, 23 August 2009

An idle car

I have posted on My Muskoka blog a couple of pieces about idling.

There are posters and pamplets that can be downloaded, click on the green 'idle-free' licence.
saw a young man sitting in his car,idling, while playing on his Crackberry, waiting for someone in the grocery store. I walked over to him and asked if he'd heard of 'Climate Change'. He said he had, and with a guilty look on his face turned off the engine.

Many people idle outside of Don's Bakery, in Bala, while waiting indoors in line, with the engine running outside the whole time. 

It is illegal in Bracebridge. Print a flyer and pop it under a windshield wiper! You can make a difference!

An idle question... 

Idle Free Zones -

In Bracebridge, a near-by town, it is illegal to idle.
I spotted this man in his car in 2008.

I swear he had the air conditioner on.
I was back at my hair dresser's for a trim, a year later, and lo and behold: there he was!

No wonder we have Climate Change! There is no excuse to do this. On a warm summer's day.

I simply didn't have the courage to say anything. I will have to print the flyers and silently hand it over next time. I am such a wuss!

What are the laws in your town?


steven said...

hey jenn, as a cyclist one of my pet peeves are the long line ups at timmys. do i love coffee? oh yes i very do. but line up in a car for five to ten minutes instead of parking and going in. another pet peeve. guys who put their foot to the floor to pass me on city streets!! you get there just the same - maybe a few seconds later going at the posted speed. air conditioning in a convertible!! that's a first for me. thanks for your good work jenn. have a peaceful day.steven

The Weaver of Grass said...

Oh Jenn this made me smile. What are the laws in our little town?
Well, apart from not being able to park on double yellow lines I really can't think of any.