Sunday 16 August 2009

How To and How Not To waterski

There are many videos on How Not To! features some that are funny, others that are painful.

Muskoka tradition is boating and waterskis. I do enjoy watching people go by who know what they are doing. I admire those who persevere, too.

It is beautiful to see some of the skills involved. Across our lake people have placed markers for this purpose. Of course, the tubers have to go up and down the buoy lanes, too, but there is no skill in tubing, except for staying away from docked boats. (See the previous post!)

We enjoyed the boys cheering this young man on. He tried so hard, and they cheered so loudly when he made it up! Give yourself a pat-on-the-back!

The rub is that the guy across the way was doing a fine job!

Then there is fishing...
It is no wonder that we have had many accidents. People do foolish things!
I wonder if mandatory life jackets will do anything? This video demonstrates the reluctance of those to wear a Personal Flotation Device. With nearly a dozen drownings this past month, you'd think people would be more careful!

How Not to fish...


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Nancy Tapley said...

well now, until we figure out how to legislate "common sense" and forethought, we're going to get these 'tragedies'.
You're so right. Where ARE the parents?
There seems to be a disconnect these days: people seem to be unaware of the sudden, violent potential consequences of messing about with powerful machinery and/or powerful nature -- yet they expect that elusive "someone else" to ensure they are protected from their own actions.