Sunday, 9 August 2009

Fishing etiquette

You'd really think they would have some common sense, as well as a fishing licence. (I asked, and they did!)

This is where we swim. Saturday another trio went by, sans life jackets, just skirting our raft. Partly, the raft is there because of the rocks below. There are several just prop height! I do not bother putting a buoy, as the raft should be an indication. I find it hard keep markers out, as the boats and PWCs with their huge wakes, keep dislodging them.

The father in the video (below), fishing with the two kids in a canoe, were very close. They all had life jackets on. Good thing.

I called down to him, "Please don't fish there. That is where we swim!"
Actually, I am more afraid for the fish that follows us when we swim. It is precious. The photo shows the sunfish nest.


Gaelyn said...

With an entire lake to fish on why do they have to come so close to shores with people's docks? At least they're wearing life jackets. Love the shot with the sunfish nest.

Travis Erwin said...

As a fisherman I will say people often fish in these places because that is where the fish are. Docks provide structure and shade and sandy shores make for great spawning grounds. It is important that fisherman respect landowners and private property by not anchoring too private docks or trespassing on other's property.

But as a fisherman I do believe licensed fisherman have a right to fish every bit of public waters. It is often their licenses that make lakes sustainable both with fish and amenities.

I'm not trying to start an argument, and I am a big believer in respecting others by not creating huge wakes, or being loud and vulgar or taking a leak off the boat, but at the same time if a lake is a public waterway I think it is just that.

Jenn Jilks said...

Ther are many prime spots, without docks, where they can go, Travis!
I wondered if you would think about it as a fisherman or a father!

We have picked lures out of our water. The other side of our lake is mostly barren, and has more weeds!

The issue is that many ARE vulgar and, as I have posted, do 'take a leak' where ever they please and use vulgar language - or did you see my photo?!
I know you would not, but these guys have been terrible.