Saturday 29 August 2009

Dinner out

My dear family spent two weeks with us. They sent money for utilities, as well as some cash for our 7th (count it!) wedding anniversary. They are perfect family visitors, masquerading as guests. As much as I miss them (they are a 5 hr. drive away) they are in my heart.
The cats bought a helium balloon for hubby, as they like that kind of fooferaw!

We went out for dinner to one of our local restaurants: Moon River Lookout.

What a treat.

Bala has several restaurants with chefs, we often visit them for hatchings, matchings, and dispatchings - we had our fair share in the past few years. This calls for an excellent dinner, timeout and away from cooking and time to be pampered.

We were.

The salad was amazing, with taste, cranberries, and pine nuts. Just perfect. Such presentation, too!

Our dear, well trained server Andrea, took a photo that managed to include the Moon River. What a sweetie!

A good time was had. We booked an early dinner, as they fill up and we like our early sittings. More time to go home and let a meal settle. The cats do not like us being out late, either!

The specials were the ones we chose - always a good choice.

Chilean bass, for me, and a meat combo of beef, duck and for hubby, was accompanied by delicious vegetables: potatoes, peppers, zuccinni and white asparagus. Delicious!

Beautiful presentation, as always, we are never disappointed at our restaurants. Nicely seasoned and well presented.

I failed to capture a photo of the main course, as I was so excited to start eating! It smelled and looked incredible. You'll have to visit to see.

Tonight's dinner was Canadian (back) bacon and Bondi Resort's fabulous free range eggs, in an omellette with mustard, green pepper and chopped tomatoes. No wonder I need to check my weight!

Many thanks to Nancy, the chicken whisperer, for the eggs, and our dear 'children', who fill our lives with their joyful perspective of the world.


Lorac said...

Congratulations! It looks like you had a great time!(Not to mention meal) Always nice to get out.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I love going to nice places to eat and looks like you have one.

Azure Accessories said...

Congratulations on your looks as though you had a wonderful dinner!!!