Saturday 15 August 2009

Birthdays in cottage country

Cottage life for us always included celebrating birthdays.
Many, many parties with three children in the house! Here is Jesse in a scanned photo on his 5th birthday.

So much fun! Over the years I have tried to decorate the cakes according to my kids' interests. There was a soccre ball cake on year, as I recall, and the dinosaur below.

They never really looked like much and I always felt badly about it. Since they have achieved adulthood, I have made a point of ordering good ones in.

You can see gaily coloured icing and decorations.

The most recent birthday was Stacie's (girlfriend of Jesse), and it was a lovely cake. She is a lovely young lady and

We decided that we had to had some fun.

Caitlin, with a birthday on August 16th, was always showered with treasures from her grandmother in the summer months. So wonderful having us all together.

Caitlin's favourite blog (other than mine!) is We hatched a plan.
The cake baker was thrilled with the idea. Other people in the department came over and wanted to see what was going on. They'd heard of the blog and were eager to help us.

This one takes the cake!

The big plan was to design a crazy cake. It reads 'Happy Aniversry Kate and Less'.

It is a less than pleasing top, with many hills and valleys, and a cute green monster face. So much fun!

The textual joke is that Caitlin's brother would annoy her by calling her Kate-lyn, deliberately stated, as 'Kate' was not allowed!

The plan was to have Leslie visit, but an ill baby precluded that. Leslie's birthday was this week, too.

Jean-Luc had a grand time setting up the plan.
The cake baker & decorators were thrilled with the idea. Most people demand perfection. As hubby said, "Drama is easy. It's comedy that is trickier!"

The cake features a few brown baby-poops around the perimeter, shaky writing, and poorly drawn lines in various colours. I know the staff keenly anticipated the opportunity to have some fun with it! We topped it off, the party, I mean, by presents featuring those 'wrapped' by a 20-month old who helped me reuse some bags and boxes. It is a good life!

We prepared for the party by practicing the party wave!

Cake Wrecks

A gallery of deformed, distasteful and bizarrely decorated wedding and birthday cakes.


Lorac said...

Agreed! B'days are great at the cottage! We have only have two a year. Mine in May and my granddaughters in June. We are a very small family! LOL

Gaelyn said...

I really like your birthdays at the cottage. And the cakes are great.

George said...

It looks as if cottage birthdays are the best kind. I liked the cake -- it looks like something I would decorate.