Sunday 12 July 2009

Lake Etiquette - a dream or nightmare

A dream or nightmare?! I wrote a poem...I know, I need a day job!
I was interviewed for a Globe & Mail article!
That, and a couple of cyberfriend's poems got me thinking.

In Muskoka's richly forested stand
Evidence of Her omniscient hand.
Sweeter tastes, sights, smells, and sounds conjuncture
With roads less travelled, seek your adventure.

Imagine ancient fur-clad Native bands
In history worshipped unspoiled lands
With citiot-raised ruckus enhances
I see them: angry Spirits' war dances

Fragrant foliage enhances the air
As creatures of the forest seek repair.
Of flora and fauna be respectful
Of neighbours you must not be neglectful

If only humanity learned the art
To do no harm, as did Descartes.
How deeply in gratitude toward nature
The city visitors - ‘tis conjecture

On byways and lakes be on your caution
Since such visitors we’ll welcome often.
It is hard to find some neighbourly love
As you light fireworks high up above.

The fauna we ken seek our protection
As jetskis you aim in their direction.
Our highways you treat like The Autobahn
Rolling in his grave: John James Audobon

Bi-ways you’ve painted with liquored up blood
Emergency crews find pieces in mud.
Volunteer firefighters we owe a blessing
Over gaping wounds placing a dressing.

Please show fragile Muskoka that you care
As north tired spirits seek well-earned repair
At Thanksgiving, as you bolt well-worn door,
We’ll line the road grateful -one season more.

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