Sunday 19 July 2009

Errant Knight

the bold knight mounts in dignity
powerful steed whisks him away
another waits for the myth to be played out
I tighten my meagre cloak
the wind is bitter still
faith and hope are gone

his sword gleams in the moonlight
shining armour tarnished
our wounds lie deep
broken promises a memory

my soul nods in acquiescence
a new damsel to rescue
one who expects less
her handkerchief tucked into his belt

blood pools at my feet
angels wipe my tears
gossamer gowns flutter in the wind
comforting bandages
endurance and strength
a blanket they place on cold shoulders

sorrowful reality remains
only faith in God endures
allegiance must lie with his new princess
his banner flew colours of Spirit
as yet unfurled in another

arise, the angels call
dignity is yours
you are a beautiful person

he seeks the Holy Grail for another
there is solace in the grieving
courage in the lessons learned
your cry of pain exits forever in the mind of God

I walk slowly along the narrow path
carefully watching my step
strewn with shattered remains of broken dreams
like jagged shrapnel they wound bare feet
I hear the singing
the women of Avalon my chorus
they nod in knowing understanding
clarity of vision my solace

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Lorac said...

Wow! Very nice prose! It needs no dressing!