Monday, 22 June 2009

MTM - Summer is here!

We are leaving town. With the first day of summer yesterday, we were not amused. The crazies have come to town, we're leaving since summer fever has hit the local scene.

On the lake
The boats zip back and forth across the lake, every day, yelling obscenities, sending my poor ducklings for a bit of a ride. The goslings, they had come up on the land, where the buzzing bees and clover doesn't make them seasick. Mom, Eva, looked quite concerned.

The boys of summer are glad their own private race track is thawed after a long winter. After burning wet wood all day by the lake, 9 or 10 men, or so, screamed up and down the lake on Saturday, when the rain ceased. We had to close our windows on this muggy day! I could smell it the next morning, too. (I think he had swim shorts on, I am not sure and do not want to know!)

In my town
The general store, located in a wonderful old house in Glen Orchard, has some issues, too. The clerks are always friendly, we laugh and exchange pleasantries. The had two cases of shoplifting, and 2 cases of verbal abuse. I attended an Elder Abuse Workshop (see my other blog) last Friday morning => June 15th was World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, but I think I need to write something on shopkeeper abuse.
  • One woman yelling at the clerk that she didn't get her change back. (It was in her pocket already!)
  • The clerk opened up his store at 6:30 (for a 7:00 a.m. opening) and the two potential customers yell at him because the coffee wasn't ready.
  • A woman is told to move her car because it is blocking other customers in the small driveway/parking lot. She is insulted, and obviously has authority issues, since she overreacts: yelling at him.
On the roads
  • A driver doing 50 km/per hour in an 80, is passed by a truck, who tries to accident scenecome between the slowpoke and the driver behind him. It is a solid double line and there is a car coming. He squeezes in between the two vehicles, obviously a very important person, with important places to go, in a space (place?) not big enough for him.
  • Another car then passes the same two drivers, on the same double line.
  1. Practice water safety. (Transport Canada-safe boating) More people drown fishing than anything else. Put on your life jacket.
  2. Noise carries on the water. Please leave your 4-letter words for the locker room. Turn off your music; your neighbours may (do) have different tastes.
  3. Cottage Watch: As a member of the cottage community, you become a partner by simply reporting suspicious persons or activities to the police. You are encouraged to:
  • record license plate numbers and descriptions of any suspicious vehicles in your neighborhood,
  • watch for strangers in your neighbourhood,
  • watch for persons taking "shortcuts" through your property,
  • watch for vehicles making repeat visits through your neighbourhood.


Cloudia said...

EXCELLENT posts for visitors ANYWHERE!
Sad that Canadians are now as rude as Americans ;-)

Aloha, Jenn
Comfort Spiral

debra said...

Summer does bring out the tourists, doesn't it. Last year my #2 daughter and I traveled to Blue Mountain Lake in the Adirondacks. It was hard to canoe on the Lake when motorized boats created a ruckus.

Travis Erwin said...

Ahh but they of all that money they will spend in your fair town.

Barbara Martin said...

Summer tends to make some people cranky and out of sorts. Perhaps you ought to set traps, Jenn.

Barrie said...'re leaving and I wish I were arriving.

Jenn Jilks said...

Barbara, you are funny! You can't enter an establishment without a smile!