Monday 8 June 2009

Hinterglas Castle - Zelda and Esmerelda

What a treat to attend an open house at Walker's Point's Hinterglas Castle Studio.

An amazing place, you just have to visit it if you are near. My dear friend, Penny Varney, the jeweller, told me about the place. Only a couple of km in from highway #169, it is a delightful spot.

Bonnie had an open house to welcome her muse and teacher, Rudolph Schmid. Her castle, Hinterglas studio and gallery, is a fine tour.

As it says on
her website:

"This prominent Bavarian Glass painter showed an interest in Bews' style of work and offered her an apprenticeship at his studio . Bonnie accepted this unique opportunity and returned to Germany in 1992 to discover a whole new medium including Hinterglas."

And we are grateful. We have bought some greeting cards that feature her line drawings, and t
he kids have a couple of prints in their daughter's nursery.

The artwork in this book, Bonnie's work, is wonderful.

We bought it for our granddaughter.

Zelda and Esmerelda

A Childrens Fairy book!
Writen by Susan Elizabeth Ross
~ Illustrated by BONNIE BEWS


Travis Erwin said...

Certainly looks like a cool place as does most things in your area.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Just charming. Wish it was a little closer to Detroit.