Saturday 13 June 2009

June 13/14 Spring Arts Tour

What a great weekend for the Muskoka Lakes Spring Tour.

Watch for pretenders, though.
Some artists are taking advantage of the tour, without supporting the rest of the arts and business community.

You can see the true participants have proper signage and a number. The others have fake sign!

I have been impressed with those who have organzied to create some synergy, even in this economic climate, and continue to make a living through the arts, while supporting fellow artists in Muskoka.

I had the great pleasure of travelling to Red Leaves Resort to visit the amazing artists we have in our midst.

I was happy to see some of the artisans who will be opening up their galleries and/or studios to customers. It is cool and cloudy, and driving around beautiful Cottage Country, why not appreciate the beauty of our local artisans.

Penny Varney, an incredible community-minded person, whose volunteer work aPenny Varney & Jennnd donations continue to enrich the lives of Muskokans. I wore her jewellry (earring and necklace) to demonstrate my appreciation of her fine work. We happily chatted. (Photo my the infamous Tony Varney! He touched my camera! Hope it brings me luck...)

Gayle Dempsey - Muskoka Place Gallery cheerfully entertaining her fans. The smiles and the love was infectious. These fabulous folks with such talents.

Christine Marshall - Wildlife Gallery explaining her work to an interested guest.

Bonnie Bews - Hinterglas Paintings, I wrote about her open house last weekend at Hinterglas Castle.

iris campbell
Iris Gammon beside her painting.

A sculpture from the young artist, Elise Muller (right), delighted me.

Hard-working Elke Scholz was their with her daughter, such a marvellous artist! She works, also, with Hospice Muskoka doing art therapy.

I spotted a deer, poorly captured (photographically speaking), on our way home in the dusk. It was one of those moments when preparation did not meet opportunity, besides, I couldn't have figured out the right setting anyway. In the dusk, moving target and all. How beautiful she was and not so worried about us!

The sunset was glorious as we found our way home through the trees and sparkling lakes of Muskoka.

Stay tuned for some photos from a June Prom held at the same resort.


EG CameraGirl said...

Art tours are fun to go on. It's a delight to meet the artists as well as view their work. I guess a lot of arty people live in the Muskokas.

The town east of east East Gwillimbury (Uxbridge) has a fabulous art tour each fall.

George said...

Your arts tour sounds like it would be lots of fun as well as an opportunity to see some beautiful art. I really like your sunset picture.