Sunday 14 June 2009

June prom at Red Leaves

Red Leaves Resort hosted a June Prom on Friday, June 12, 2009.

What a luxurious location. Too bad they are in receivership...

Wonderful services, attentive servers, and a mix of responses to the quality of food.

The dresses were glorious rainbow colours of spring. Everyone cleaned up nicely!

Lots of beautiful flowing fabric, shimmering in the dusk, and impressive young people. The young men managed to put on their best duds; the young ladies needed to remove their high heels. All was normal!

The bonfire was quite fun outdoors.

They looked so lovely. having never been to a prom, I felt quite special just soaking in the excitement.

Always a shy, unattractive-feeling young lady with little self-confidence, my body image was terribly negative.
I look back now and wish for those hips again!

I was never in the 'in' crowd. I was happy to vicariously view the events!

They were quite happy to pose for me, these polite young people on their best behaviour!

Interesting matching turquoise ball cap and jacket!

The scenery around sundown was amazing.

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George said...

This certainly looks like quite an event. The setting is absolutely stunning.