Tuesday, 14 April 2009


water laps over rocks
provides life force to hatching tadpoles
licking the bottom step of the dock
crocus smile in the sun
picking up a stick denuded by beavers
I fracture the ice on the pond
my hope and my heart similarly broken
shards slip and slide under one another
poked and shattered they mimic my story
Arctic-like winds freeze my skin
relentlessly smack my face
a loving touch is all I ask
my heart is full of angst
it needs the warmth of a confident soul
kindness to smooth my furrowed brow
gentle fingers to tidy wind blown hair
warm breath on my cheek
caressing fingers to probe the gentle curves of my breast
strong arms to be my wind break in time of need
a deep breath of fresh air shocks me
reality as cold as the wind
looking back on happy memories of love
God smiled on me once
daunted, I stride purposefully forward
duties of my Soul gifts call
the demands of the Spirit over rides pleasures of the flesh
my joy was brief
the journey long
God's Grace my lover
Her hymn my love song

This work is © Jennifer Jilks.

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