Tuesday, 14 April 2009



a pond into which I dare not dip my toe
disinclined to drown in this pool of tears
in the past I´ve sought secret swimming holes
met a golden pond in which to float
flung my sweater on a rock
pants on the pine needles
panties in the bush
bra teetered precariously on a limb
gentle breezes made it dance

I would have jumped in with both feet in the past
empty, shallow hubris burst the dam
the pond is now drained
shivering naked in cold and fright
tears have subsided
fish flop in the mud
turtles wend their way through the puddles
snakes slither through the debris
no hope possible
endless nights of angst
I waded in and out of broken dreams

I pluck my clothes from the bush
slowly cover my pain and fear
wade in muck to safety
my humble home beckons
blessings in cherishing myself
knowing I am loved
none other can give me peace
cleansing spring rains will come of their own accord
rebirth in strength and joy

This work is © Jennifer Jilks.

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