Friday 3 April 2009

NaPoWriMo #3- three in a row

Here we #3!

napowrimo #3: three in a row

This is a good exercise. When I taught Gr. 7/8 writing I had much fun creating such assignments. The kids worked on and edited each other's work. It massaged our classroom community into a synergy of creative endeavour.

We have three adult children & three cats...


immeasurable joy
irreplaceable value
shaping my life
more riches than I might have sought
nurturing as I am nurtured

all took flight
with roots and wings
beginnings of new life and rich love
firm foundations of mustn'ts and shouldn'ts
evolved into songs of praise
the future becomes the present
the cycle unfolds as it should

furry three

all rescued from ignorant humanity
three rescued me
with love
as with dependence
they bless as they receive
doe-eyes signify their joy
that loving nudge against my calves
a murmured mrrrp of affection
drawing my attention

after broken dates with Mr. Sandman
snuggles of comfort and warmth
soft cuddles in the dark
hopeful touches in the night
furry souls anchor my wandering spirit
we embrace in blankets of security


Jill said...

I really like the picture of your three cats all in a row! We could never get our six cats all in a row, probably not even three of them!

"ignorant humanity" is such an apt description!

Wayne Pitchko said...

Nice words from Muskoka...nice photo....hope your not a Leafs fan!!!!!

JD said...

hi, I happened to read your blog by chance and am glad i did.. I like the pictures here and the poem is beautiful as well

judy in ky said...

Your three rescuees are wonderful. Thank goodness there are people like you to counter ignorant humanity. We also have three cats (two are strays that we adopted). We have the same cat toy that the black kitty in your photo is leaning on.

Jenn Jilks said...

Wayne, we are the one family in Canada that do not follow hockey! :-)

Our adult children do - and my brother!