Friday 3 April 2009

The Musical

Edie & Eva (the geese) are here - "Carried Away By Love", as are Oscar & Myrtle (the ducks).

The rain is pouring down today - wet and dreary, even the crocus hide their heads.

Our geese and ducks munch cracked corn and clover by the lake. Yesterday, however, there was a bit of a battle. There was quite a fooferah by our shore...the males ably managed to herd the females away from the other pairs.

Anne and Gilbert, The MusicalOur crew is normally not a problem, until Anne & Gilbert (not the musical!), arrived on "Saturday Morning". I could post a photo of MY feathered Anne & Gilbert, but they all look alike. The original Anne & Gilbert are quite a handsome pair, indeed.

I shall resolve my stress, this 'trouble in paradise', by playing the entire CD and dancing a bit of a jig. My son (Jesse Martyn) is on the CD, as he performed in the show a few years ago. is good!


Jain said...

Perfect soundtrack for your video. Can’t stop grinning. Love it!

Lara said...

I once saw a duck fight! they are fierce :))!