Sunday, 19 April 2009

MTM - Royal York Hotel

The Fairmont Royal York Hotel

My mother worked here in the Rotary Club offices for 25+ years. I remember helping her during school holidays!

It was the tallest building in Toronto and in Canada from 1929 - 1931, when it was first built. Pretty short shelf life!

An article written to commemorate the plaque below states,
"Built for the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR), the Royal York Hotel was the largest of the CPR's coast-to-coast chain of grand hotels. The skyscraper hotel, designed by Montreal architects Ross and Macdonald in association with Sproatt and Rolph of Toronto, was the largest hotel in the British Commonwealth and dramatically altered the Toronto skyline."


It used to dominate the skyscape but looks like a dwarf here.

The view of Toronto from our room when I visited last. You can see the rails below. A great hub of activity. We stayed there on points, when visiting for my high school's 200th anniversary (2007). That will be the topic of next MTM's post!


At 100 Front St., I used to work in the old Post Office building across the street. The facade looks so familiar.


Lyzzydee said...

Hi Jenn, It looks very grand !! It is swamped by the other buildings now!

pattinase (abbott) said...

I have stayed at the Royal York many times. So convenient with the train right there.

Clare2e said...

Now perhaps a dwarf, but still looks good to me! I love the buildings of that era.

Travis Erwin said...

What a great view.

Martha Z said...

It's kind of sad to see a grand old building so over powered by newer, far less interesting towers.

Anonymous said...

Interesting and wonderful view of town.
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Erin said...

oh i like those 30s buildings...they've such a distinct style to that hotel has seen its share of interesting guests over the years.
so enjoyed your post and photos.
thanks for sharing with us.

debra said...

what a beautiful building. So much grace.

Reb said...

I love all the old CPR hotels. That is one of the few that I haven't either stayed in or been to a function in though. Beautiful, thanks for sharing.

Indrani said...

I have never been there, looks like an awesome place.

Arija said...

A great hotel with character even if the skyscrapers overshadow it now. I'd much ather stay in an older hotel than a hermatically sealed glass case.

Jenn Jilks said...

I'm with you, Arija! It has character.

sharon young said...

Wonderfiul views of Toronto!
Many thanks for dropping in on my blog.