Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Land, sea and air

I am a regular volunteer and advocate in Long-Term Care(LTC). Here I am visiting my friend. I have doing some work in the area of palliative care. Please visit my other blog; I hope some of this information helps.

Remember to wash your hands. Sneeze into your elbow. Please pass it on!

In the meantime, I hope we don't jinx the fine day today. I worry - since my husband took the car in today to take off the snow tires...

The Muskoka Airport thermometer was at -2 ˚C. this morning. We are by the lake, which moderates the temperature, since the lake water has temperature inertia. We were above zero.
The buds are bursting on the trees.

The wind blows waves across the lake. The water churning underneath as ducks and loons look for dinner. Squirrels frantically look for buds to chew off the branches.

Spring resprings eternal.
The neighbours cruise in and out of properties, hammering, repairing winter damage and getting ready for summer play.
They buzz around like the bugs that have now hatched - ready, nay, anxious and blood thirsty for prey.
Other neighbours help seniors with chores: raking leaves, cleaning up ditches.

The traffic increases on the highways and byways. You can hear the sound of chain saws competing with traffic noise. Wackos, in a hurry to go somewhere more important than my journey, pass two of us in unsafe conditions. Our men and women in blue are running OPP speed traps (see in the distance beyond the police car!). Bless them all who make our highways safer!

I seek the tranquility of the lake, the flowers and my birds, to rest and regroup.

The periwinkle are popping with purple power!
The lilac buds look like little grapes waiting for sun and rain to nourish them.

The miniature daffodils are mimic the sun's rays, shining with the lifeforce.

Geese, ducks, seagulls, crows and hawks, zip by, participating in the cycle of life. I saw a hawk skirt around the house roof this morning. She was cruising for food.
The finches flirt at the bird feeders, vying for position.

The setting sun's rays warm, and reflect off the rock into the water with a delightful fudge-colour.
We settled in for a gentle cup of tea. Life is good!

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Cloudia said...

this may be the perfect post of ANY blog published today anywhere in the world, Jenn!

Such a rich taste of what you see and hear. you are a poet of words and images.

Hospice-at-home care is proceeding swimmingly. As natural as...dying....which only makes the glories of this day brighter...dearer...Aloha friend.